Joel Lefever



Phone Number: 215-898-4591
Lab: 112 Towne

PhD., Materials Science and Engineering, University of Pennsylvania (Expected 2017)

BS., Mechanical Engineering, Lafayette College (2012)

Research Interests

Currently, I study stress-driven deformation mechanisms in disordered materials. Systems include bulk metallic glass, amorphous carbon, and deposited nanoparticles. Previous and ongoing research projects include nanotribology, biomechanics, and pedagogy.


  • T.D.B. Jacobs, K.E. Ryan, P.L. Keating, D.S. Grierson, J.A. Lefever, K.T. Turner, J.A. Harrison, and R.W. Carpick. The effect of atomic-scale roughness on the adhesion of nanoscale asperities: a combined simulation and experimental investigation, Tribology Letters (2013) 50:81–93.
  • J.A. Lefever, J.J. García, and J.H. Smith. A patient-specific, finite element model for noncommunicating hydrocephalus capable of large deformation, Journal of Biomechanics (2013) 46:1447–1453.