Rodrigo A. Bernal


email: rodrigob@seas.upenn.eduRodrigo Bernal
Office: 112 Towne
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Research Interests:

At Northwestern, I employed in-situ Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscopy (SEM/TEM) to investigate mechanical and electromechanical properties of metallic and semiconducting nanowires. I am applying this expertise to investigate the fundamental mechanisms of wear and friction through in-situ TEM, single asperity experiments, primarily focused on advanced carbon-based materials (e.g. Ultrananocrystalline Diamond-UNCD, Diamond-like Carbon-DLC).

More broadly, I am interested in nanoscale mechanical phenomena, multiphysics mechanical properties of nanomaterials (i.e coupled mechanical and electronic properties, mechanical and thermal, etc.), and the development of in-situ techniques to study those properties.

Education/Research Experience:

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