Vahid Vahdat


Phone Number: 215-898-4591
Lab: 112 Towne


Ph.D. Candidate, Mechanical Engineering, (expected: 2013)
M.S., Mechanical Engineering, (2004), Villanova University
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, (1998), Sharif University of Technology





Currently, I am investigating the tip-sample interaction forces/stresses of AFM probes operating in amplitude modulation atomic force microscopy (AM-AFM) mode. Quantifying the tip-sample interaction forces/stresses is crucial to the study of nanoscale wear of AM-AFM probes which is the focus of my Ph.D. research. Characterizing and understanding wear mechanisms of AM-AFM probes pose a significant challenge due to the dynamics and the intermittent nature of the contact. I’m also working on characterization and optimization of ultrananocrystalline diamond AFM probes using AFM, TEM, and numerical analysis.


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  • Best Animation Award, The Nano/Bio Interface Center,¬†October 2011
  • The Philadelphia Section of STLE Scholarship, Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers, May 2012
  • Third Place Poster Award, 18th International Conference of Wear of Materials, April 2011
  • Best Theis Award, Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineers, October 1999