Xin Liu


Phone Number: 215-898-4591|Email:|Office: 112 Towne



Ph.D. Candidate, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics (expected 2015), University of Pennsylvania

M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics (2013), University of Pennsylvania

M.Sc., Physics (2009), Leiden University

B.Sc., Physics, (2006), Leiden University


Research Interests

My research interests involve studying the mechanical and tribological properties of various two-dimensional materials, such as graphene and other carbon-based materials, as well as working with surface analytical techniques, including AFM, SEM, and Raman spectroscopy.


Refereed Publications

  1. Nanoscale Adhesive Properties of Graphene: The Effect of Sliding History,
    X.-Z. Liu, Q. Li, P. Egberts, and R. W. Carpick. Advanced Materials Interfaces, (2014). [link]
  2. Environmental dependence of atomic-scale friction at graphite surface steps,
    P. Egberts, Z. Ye, X.-Z. Liu, Y. Dong, A. Martini, and R.W. Carpick, Physical Review B, 88, 035409 (2013). [link]
  3. Correlation between probe shape and atomic-friction peaks at graphite step edges,
    Y. Dong, X.-Z. Liu, P. Egberts, Z. Ye, R.W. Carpick, and A. Martini, Tribology Letters, 50, 49-57 (2013). [link]
  4. Optical methods for determining thicknesses of few-layer graphene flakes,
    Wengen Ouyang, Xin-Z Liu, Qunyang Li, Yingying Zhang, Jiarui Yang, and Quan-shui Zheng, Nanotechnology, 24, 505701 (2013). [link]
  5. Nanoscale Friction and Adhesion for Few-Layer Graphene,
    X.-Z. Liu, Q. Y. Li, C. G. Lee, B. L. Zhang, J. Hone, and R. W. Carpick. Tribology & Lubrication Technology, 67, (2011), 12-14. [link]
  6. Frictional Characteristics of Atomically Thin Sheets,
    C. Lee, Q. Li, W. Kalb, X.-Z. Liu, H. Berger, R. Carpick, and J. Hone. Science, (2010). [link]


  • Poster Prize Winner, Gordon Research Conference on Tribology, Waterville, ME, USA Jul. 2012
  • GAPSA Student Travel Grant to attend the Gordon Research Conference on Tribology¬†(2012)
  • Nominee for Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, Philadelphia, PA, USA Dec. 2011
  • Platinum Level Poster Award, 66th Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) Annual Meeting, 2011, Atlanta, GA.
  • STLE Philadelphia Chapter Student Scholarship, 2011, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Best Student Poster, Gordon Research Conference, 2010, Waterville, ME.