Zac Milne





Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA.

B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Minor in Aerospace Engineering
Old Dominion University
Norfolk, Virginia.

Research Interests:

-Statistical Mechanics


U.S. Air Force

Contact information:



Tunable Donnan Potential and Electrokinetic Flow in a Biomimetic Gated Nanochannel with pH-Regulated Polyelectrolyte Brushes

Zachary Milne, Li-Hsien Yeh, Tzung-Han Chou, and Shizhi Qian
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2014 118 (34), 19806-19813

Sliding History-Dependent Adhesion of Nanoscale Silicon Contacts Revealed by in situ Transmission Electron Microscopy

Zachary B. Milne, Rodrigo A. Bernal, Robert W. Carpick
Nature Materials (submitted NM: NM18072522A-Z)
Nanotribological Printing: A Nanoscale Additive Manufacturing Method
H. S. Khare N. N. GosvamiI. LahouijZ. B. MilneJ. B. McClimon, and R. W. Carpick
Nano Letters, 201818 (11), pp 6756–6763