Carpick Group Sparks Visitors’ Enthusiasm for Tribology at Philly Materials Day


On February 3, the Carpick Group captivated visitors with the intriguing realm of tribology at Philly Materials Day. Through interactive exhibits and lively demonstrations, the group delved into the science of friction, lubrication, and wear, igniting curiosity among attendees.

The Bike Brakes demonstration provided a real-world application, illustrating how tribological principles enhance everyday technologies, while the Surface Roughness exhibit revealed the impact of surface textures on material interactions.

Not to be missed was the iconic “phone book” demo, a crowd favorite that showcased the astonishing power of friction. Children marveled as they found it nearly impossible to separate two interleaved phone books when held by their spines.

From students to researchers, visitors were enthralled by the interactive experience, gaining a deeper understanding of tribology.

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