Past Group Photos

Carpick Group members for November 2022. Pictured from left to right frontmost step: Dr. Brandon McClimon, Dr. Martin Webster. 2nd step: Dr. Danny Sanchez, Prof. Rob Carpick, Dr. Lu Fang. 3rd step: Dr. Andy Jackson. 4th step: Daniel Delghandi, Haley Morgenstern, Anna Leventhal. Back row: Dr. Pranjal Nautiyal, Romulo Martins, Dr. Cangyu Qu, Parker LaMascus, Li Yuan.
Carpick Group current members and alumni gather at Bates College for the 2022 Tribology GRC (June, 2022). Pictured from left to right: Dr. Medard Koshigan (ASML), Dr. Pranjal Nautiyal, Prof. Harman Khare (Gonzaga Univ.), Prof. Tevis Jacobs (Univ. of Pittsburgh), Lu Fang, Prof. Christian Greiner (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), Prof. Rob Carpick, Parker LaMascus, Prof. Prathima Nalam (Univ. of Buffalo), Dr. Brandon McClimon, Prof. Filippo Mangolini (UT Austin), Li Yuan, Dr. Cangyu Qu.
Carpick Group members and alumni at the 2022 STLE Annual Meeting (May 2022). Pictured from left to right are: Prof. Filippo Mangolini, Prof. Phil Egberts, Parker LaMascus, Prof. Harman Khare, Daniel Delghandi, Lu Fang, Prof. Prathima Nalam, Dr. Pranjal Nautiyal.
Going away lunch for Dr. Takaaki Sato (Nov. 2021). From left to right: Parker LaMascus, Dr. Alejandro Boscoboinik, Romulo Martins, Dr. Gokan Sensoy, Daniel Delghandi, Dr. Takaaki Sato, Dr. Pranjal Nautiyal, Dr. Brandon McClimon, Prof. Rob Carpick, Dr. Cangyu Qu, Li Yuan, Dr. Danny Sánchez, Zekun Li.
Carpick Group August 2019. Bottom row left to right: Lu Fang, Rohan Sanghvi, Prof. Rob Carpick, Dr. Meagan Elinski. Middle row: Dr. Takaaki Sato, Dr. Tim Murdoch, Parker LaMascus, Kathryn Hasz. Top row: Dr. Brandon McClimon, Prof. Andy Jackson, Dr. Alex Bennett, Christian Pohlmann.
Carpick Group February 2019
Carpick Group September 2016
Carpick Group GRC 2016
Carpick group members and alumni at the 2016 Tribology Gordon Research Conference.
Back row, from left to right: Zac Milne, Han Ye, Dr. Xin Liu, Kaiwen Tian, James Hilbert, Chris Thom, Kathryn Hasz, Joel Lefever, Dr. Harman Khare
Front row, from left to right: Prof. Wen Yue, Prof. Philip Egberts, Prof. Erin Flater, Prof. Robert Carpick,
Prof. Tevis Jacobs, Prof. Filippo Mangolini, Prof. Andrew Jackson, Prof. Qunyang Li
Carpick Group June 2014
Carpick Group May 2013