Daniel Delghandi


Undergraduate Researcher

Contact Information

Email: ddelgh@seas.upenn.edu

Mail Address: 229 Towne Building, 220 S. 33rd St., Philadelphia, PA, USA, 19104-6315


Masters of Science Candidate, Mechanical Engineering & Applied Mechanics, (concentration in Mechanics of Materials), expected in May 2024, University of Pennsylvania

Bachelor of Science Candidate, Mechanical Engineering & Applied Mechanics, expected in May 2023, University of Pennsylvania


The end goal of my research is improved efficiency and sustainability. The project I am currently working on focuses on anti-wear tribofilms formed by the addition of nanocrystals in gear lubricants. Through a macro and micro scale characterization of traction, tribofilm growth and morphology, we can improve our understanding of these systems and what makes for better performing lubricants. A greater insight into the growth kinetics of nanocrystal tribofilms can also be garnered, with the potential of expanding lubricant formulation possibilities.

As an undergraduate, I am excited and highly motivated to continue expanding my work and understanding of the field.

Awards and Honors

STLE Philadelphia 2021 Undergraduate Scholarship recipient

2023 Rachleff Scholar, University of Pennsylvania