Dr. Lu Fang successfully defended her thesis


Dr. Lu Fang defended her thesis, on November 14, 2022. Dr. Fang’s defense focused on “Enabling Ultra-Low Viscosity Lubricants Through Fundamental Understanding of ZDDPs Anti-Wear Additives and their Tribofilm Growth Mechanisms”. When asked how she felt having completed this final step in her Ph.D. journey, Fang replied “Time goes by really fast and I really enjoyed it here. Without people by my side, I wouldn’t have made it today. At Penn, people collaborate here and when I have any questions I can just ask the professors who always helped me. It is really great to be a member in this community.”

Professor Rob Carpick and Doctor Lu Fang stand in front of the Penn Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics offices. Lu is wearing a maroon shirt and is holding a bouquet of maroon and yellow flowers.
Dr. Lu Fang and Prof. Rob Carpick celebrate Lu’s successful defense.

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