Parker LaMascus


Contact Information:

office: 112 Towne


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (summa cum laude), Oklahoma Christian University, 2018

Research Interests:

My research is united by its telos — contributing to sustainability with rigorous science. My current projects involve fundamental research in nano-scale and macro-scale tribology to develop a mechanistic understanding of friction and wear, especially with respect to anti-wear tribofilms, which has the potential to greatly augment our understanding of lubrication in machinery gears and automobiles.

Awards & Fellowships

2021 STLE Philadelphia Student Scholarship recipient

2020 NDSEG Fellow

2020 NSF GRFP Awardee (declined)

Publications & Intellectual Property:

Elinski, M.B., LaMascus, P., Zheng, L. et al. Cooperativity Between Zirconium Dioxide Nanoparticles and Extreme Pressure Additives in Forming Protective Tribofilms: Toward Enabling Low Viscosity Lubricants. Tribol Lett 68, 107 (2020). (Editor’s Choice, Tribology & Lubrication Technology Magazine)

LaMascus, P., Shodunke, A., Douglas-Miller, R. Wind-for-Water Trade: Mathematical Validation of a Novel Policy Initiative in Wind Energy. Aletheia, 2018.

Co-Inventor: Impulse Rotor Wind Turbine with Optimal Blade Area, provisional patent, 2018.


Lee, L., LaMascus, P., Rubinstein, P.. “Exploring the State Variable of Crumpling Paper: Scaling and Machine Learning.” New England Complex Fluids Workshop, Boston, MA, 2018.

LaMascus, P., Wood, D., Battles M., Ferringer, M., Owino, M. “Field Testing of Miniature Wind Turbines.” American Society of Mechanical Engineers Symposium, Oklahoma City, OK, 2018.

LaMascus, P., Shodunke, A., Douglas-Miller, R.. “A New Sustainability Initiative: Assessing the Wind Resource of Southwest Kansas.” American Wind Energy Association “Windpower” Conference, Anaheim, CA, 2017

LaMascus, P., Whaley, P.W. “Wind Innovation, Next Designs: Experimental Validation of Wind Turbine Design.” Oklahoma EPSCoR “Research Day at the Capitol” Competition: Second Place, Regional Universities Category, March 27, 2017