Pezhman Palahang


Contact Information


Office: 112 Towne Building, 220 S 33rd St., Philadelphia, PA, 19104


Independent Study Research: Unveiling the Anti-Wear Potential of Perovskite Nanocrystals

Thesis: Mechanical Properties of Lubricants in Nano Powders Compaction Process Using Molecular Dynamics and Continuum Mechanics Methods

Research Interests

  • Nano-Scale and Macro-Scale Tribology
  • Thin Film Design & Protective coatings
  • Mechanics of Materials Across Quantum, Atomic & Continuum Scales
  • FEM & XFEM Modeling
  • Computational Nanomechanics


In Progress: P. Palahang, A. R. Khoei, A. Rezaei Sameti, “Non-equilibrium molecular dynamics study of alkanes in confined systems: viscosity, structural arrangement, flow behavior, and friction,” 2024

Professional Experiences