Prof. Carpick to give upcoming CMCC talk on mechanochemistry


Prof. Robert Carpick will be giving his CMCC Mechanochemistry Discussions seminar: The Stress-Controlled Mechanochemical Reactor: A Novel Tool to Determine Which Stress Components Drive Mechanochemistry on Thursday, March 16 at 10:00 AM (CT), and his presentation will live stream on our YouTube Channel:

The CMCC online forum was created to showcase world experts and emerging innovators presenting their research in the broad area of mechanochemistry and its applications. While the Discussions will largely highlight work focused on expanding our understanding of mechanochemical synthesis, the forum also seeks to bring in aspects from other related areas as well—from the mechanochemical processes that influence rock friction in earthquake faults to the tribochemical reactions that impact the function of lubricant additives, and to the mechanically-driven processes in biology.

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