Sumit Kumar


MEAM Doctoral student


Office: Towne 112B, University of Pennsylvania, 220S 33rd St, Philadelphia, PA-19104

Phone: 445-237-7435


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  • MS: Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, University of Pennsylvania, (2022-2024)
    • Thesis: The rheology and microphysics of synthetic mucin
  • BS: Mechanical Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences, Pilani, (2018-2022)
    • Thesis: Design of a Magnetic Gradient based microviscometer, Advisor: Dr. Amit Agrawal

Research Interests

  • Studying the rheology of self-assembling bottlebrush polymers
  • Applied Mathematics to understand the unbonding dynamics of these polymers under shear using markov chains and monte carlo simulations
  • Active matter and their dynamics in high viscosity fluids


Conference Articles

1- Sumit Sunil Kumar, Pranjal Anand. Analysis of capillary dynamics for Non Newtonian Fluids, 48th National Conference on Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power, 2021, ISBN: 978-981-19-7055-9

2- Sumit Sunil Kumar, Dhyan Patel, Rugved Katole, Ujwal Gandhi. MEMS based pressure sensor for detection of negative pressure wave in subsea pipelines, 65th DAE Solid State Physics Symposium, 2021, ISBN: 81-8372-085-4

3- Sumit Sunil Kumar, Harsh Deswal, Amit Agrawal. Design of a Magnetic Gradient based microviscometer, DAE-BRNS International Symposium on Vacuum Science and Technology and its Applications in Accelerators, 2022

4-Rajib Kar, Sumit Sunil Kumar, Visakha Bende, Namita Maiti. Deposition of Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene Nanowalls by Microwave Plasma CVD: Understanding Insights, National Conference on Recent Developments and Evolving Trends in Plasma Science and Technology, 2022


1- Sumit Sunil Kumar, J. Brandon McClimon, Manuel Lema, Travis Leadbetter, Ilse B. Nava-Medina, Prashant K. Purohit, Adam B. Braunschweig, Robert W. Carpick, Interfacial yield stress response in synthetic mucin solutions, In preparation

2- Dhiraj Puri, Sumit Sunil Kumar, Vadiraj Hemadri, Arnab Banerjee, Siddhartha Tripathi, Analysis of sperm cell motion in high viscosity Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids using a microfluidic channel, Microfluid Nanofluid 28, 11 (2024).


1- Sumit Sunil Kumar, Travis Leadbetter, J. Brandon Mcclimon, Manuel Lema, Ilse B. Nava Medina, Adam B. Braunshweig, Prashant K. Purohit, Robert W. Carpick, Mimicking nature’s lubricant-The flow dynamics of synthetic mucus. Gordon Research Conference-Tribology and Gordon Research Seminar-Tribology, June 2024

2- Sumit Sunil Kumar, J. Brandon Mcclimon, Ilse B. Nava Medina, Adam B. Braunshweig, Robert W. Carpick, Fully synthetic mucous solutions reproduce rheological response of natural mucous. APS 76th Annual Meeting of the Division of Fluid Dynamics, Bulletin of the American Physical Society, Washington DC, November 2023

3- Rajib Kar, Visakha Bende, Sumit Sunil Kumar, Namita Maiti. Design Development of Large Area Atmospheric Pressure Hollow-cathode Cold Plasma: Parametric Variation of Etching Studies Aimed at Radioactive Decontamination, National Conference on Recent Developments and Evolving Trends in Plasma Science and Technology, 2022